This site is addressed in its free part to the general public but also to health professionals. Its main subject is chronic pain according to the WHO definition. He particularly endeavors to describe chronic painful pathologies for which additional examinations (Radiological, biological, etc.) are normal.
The subscriber section is for anyone wishing more complete information on chronic pain.
The section reserved for physicians describes new ways of understanding and treating certain chronic pain sufferers.

The site's editorial manager is Dr Yves Guenard, anesthesiologist-resuscitator in charge of a chronic pain management structure opened in 2003 in the Nouvelle Aquitaine region (France).
The site also offers a global knowledge base on chronic pain with summaries of the various chronic pain pathologies. These summaries come from documentations and review articles proposed in the medical literature.
This knowledge base is regularly enriched with new clinical cases and articles.
Some articles, in the section reserved for physicians, describe concepts that are currently little or not known (and therefore not recognized) by the medical community.
Post operative chronic pain