APPENDIX A: Physician Financial Conditions

Article 16. Reminder of the Total Services Price

The monthly price including all taxes is 8.40 euros.

Article 17. Terms and conditions for invoicing the Total Price

The Services are billed monthly. Invoices are archived in the User Area, under the heading "Doctor's account".

Article 18. Terms of payment of the Total Prize

Payment is made by automatic debit from the bank account associated with the credit card registered when subscribing to the Services. In the event of a change of bank details or blue card, it is the responsibility of the Subscribed User to provide non-erroneous and up-to-date information.

Payment is made each month on the same date, corresponding to the date of the first payment made by the Subscriber User for the Services.

Article 19. Financial consequences of the termination of the TCU

The termination has the effect of terminating the monthly withdrawals, at the end of the end of the month following the current month on the date of the request for termination.



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