The injections are made with 1% lidocaine without preservative. We will not exceed the quantity of 1 vial or 20 ml per session.
To perform the injection, a 10 or 5ml syringe will be used depending on the scar.
We recommend using short bevel needle type retrobulbar anesthesia needle.




Advantages :








In this photo, we will notice that the retrobulbar anesthesia needle (in orange) has a short bevel unlike the other (intramuscular needle in green). This bevel shape allows less damage to the tissues during the progression of the needle. With the short bevel needle there is rather a dissecting effect while with the intramuscular needle there is rather a cutting effect.
With the short bevel you can feel perfectly, during the progression of the needle, the changes in tissue density.
The risks of bleeding or perforation are also lower, especially during deep infiltration of the abdominal wall.


Essentially the cost (price> 1 euros) and, not being found in pharmacies, they are only available in pharmaceutical laboratories.
Post operative chronic pain