Abdominal pain after liposuction

Mrs. X, 55, had abdominal liposuction 1 year ago.

A few weeks later Mrs. X begins to be embarrassed by wearing trousers. Wearing the belt (pants) becomes uncomfortable and then intolerable.

Mrs. X has since had pain in the lower abdomen and the root of the right thigh. On examination, there is a hyperesthetic zone (red zone). The scar at the entry point of the suction cannula is hyperalgesic (green zone). The pain is characteristic of neuropathic pain on cicatricial neuropathy

Douleurs chroniques post liposuccion abdominale

His treatment leads to an almost immediate improvement in his painful symptoms.
The diagnosis is clear. Involvement of the genito-crural and ilio-inguinal territories linked to the route of the suction cannula.


Post operative chronic pain