Pain after anterior cervical spine surgery for herniated disc MEDECIN ABONNE

Mrs. X, 55 years old, was operated on for a C5-C6 cervical hernia 3 years ago via a right anterior approach.
After a transient improvement, there is a reappearance of pain at the cervical level, in the posterior part of the head and in the right upper limb (red zone).
Examinations (MRI, EMG) did not find any lesions that could explain the clinical picture.

Douleurs chroniques post chirurgie cervicale Douleurs chroniques post chirurgie cervicale













Clinical examination of the patient found slight neurological disorders in the neck and right upper limb. Head rotation to the left is limited and painful.
Examination of the scar (in green) is very painful. It causes local electric shocks and paresthesias in the right upper limb from the shoulder to the hand.

Faced with the pain-free interval after surgery, the absence of etiology found on additional examinations, a very painful rolling palpation of the scar. The hypothesis of a cicatricial neuropathy is strong.
The treatment of the scar makes it possible to obtain complete and lasting relief for the patient.

Post operative chronic pain