Pain after knee prosthesis MEDECIN ABONNE

Mrs. X, 75, presents with pain in her right knee following a knee prosthesis fitted 18 months ago. She has pain in support. Limitation of knee flexion, gait instability. She describes an impression of too “big” prosthesis.
Examination of the patient found a painful scar (green zone).
There is hyperesthesia and oil spot sensitivity disorders in the knee (red area).

Douleur post prothèse de genou
The treatment allows a clear improvement of the situation with, improvement of walking and increase in amplitude of knee flexion.
However, posterior pain in the knee persists corresponding to a myofascial syndrome of the triceps surae muscle (calf) and pain in the lateral part of the thigh and hip corresponding to a myofascial syndrome of the gluteus minimus muscle caused by the patient lameness.

Post operative chronic pain