Pain after thumb prosthesis MEDECIN ABONNE

Mrs. X, 55, had a Maya prosthesis fitted a year ago for right thumb rhizarthrosis (arthrosis of the thumb base joint).
The trapezio-metacarpal prosthesis (Maya). This prosthesis resembles a mini-hip prosthesis, with a metallic spherical head which articulates in a trapezian cup in polyethylene or metal. Fixing the prosthetic parts in the bone requires either bone regeneration (unsealed prostheses) or cement (sealed prostheses).

Douleur post prothèse de pouce

Some time after the surgery, burning type pains appeared with electric shock and discomfort when rubbing the operated area (red area).
The patient also describes loss of muscle strength in her right hand.
Examination of the scar reproduces the pain (green zone).
The treatment of the scar allows a clear improvement of the situation.

Post operative chronic pain