Post episiotomy pain MEDECIN ABONNE

Mrs. X 40 years old comes in consultation for pain in the buttocks and
the posterior part of the thigh (red area), the external genitalia and the vagina (in its 1st third).

Douleurs chroniques post épisiotomie
Ms. X has not had sex for 10 years due to these pains.
The pains appeared, in these memories, some time after her delivery (she was 30 years old).
On examination by palpate roll of her episiotomy scar, these pains were reproduced, with electrical discharges radiating into the painful areas described by the patient.
This is chronic post episiotomy pain of the neuropathic type.
The episiotomy performed during her delivery was made in the lower part of the labia majora, territory of the lesser sciatic nerve, which explains the painful topography.

Post operative chronic pain