Post meniscectomy pain MEDECIN ABONNE

M X, 40, underwent internal meniscectomy surgery by knee arthroscopy two years ago.
Some time after the operation, M X describes nocturnal impatience of this leg followed by the appearance of burns on the anterior aspect of the thigh and the internal aspect of this same leg. The pain has become permanent, making it difficult to perform daily activities.
M X has been off work for 2 years now.
Complementary examinations are normal (X-ray, ultrasound and MRI of the knee).
On clinical examination M X presents a discreet hypoaesthesia of the thigh (anterior face) and of the leg (internal face) (territory of the crural nerve) corresponding to the burn zone (Red zone on the diagram).
Examination of the entry point of the arthroscope on the inside of the knee is painful and leads to electric shocks (green area).

douleur chronique post arthroscopie de genou
The treatment performed on this patient allowed a return to work 48 hours later. The arthroscopic path scar was responsible for the entire clinical picture of the patient.

Post operative chronic pain