Anterior head pain of scar origin

We will first recall the notion of cicatricial neuropathy.

The causes of anterior headaches of cicatricial origin are (non-exhaustive):

  • Brain surgery:
    • Open surgery (trephination)
    • Stereotaxic surgery (doctor)
    • Intraoperative head fixation system (doctor)
  • Scalp and forehead wound (doctor)
  • Scalp hematoma, forehead (doctor)
  • Cervical spine surgery:
    • Anterior approach
    • Posterior approach (doctor)
    • Intraoperative head fixation system (doctor)
  • Thyroid, parathyroid surgery (doctor)
  • Cervical lymph node dissection (subscribers and doctor)
  • Parotid surgery (doctor)
  • Carotid surgery (doctor)
  • ENT Cancer Surgery (Pending)

If in doubt, if the symptoms do not correspond, you can refer to the guide to muscle pain.

Post operative chronic pain