Tension headache MEDECIN ABONNE

This headache (headache), once considered essentially psychogenic, is very common since it affects between 30% and 78% of the general population.

The diagnosis is made after at least ten episodes of headache.
These episodes last between 30 minutes and 7 days.
At least 2 of the following characteristics are required:

  • bilateral localization,
  • type of pressure and tightness,
  • not aggravated by routine exercise.

Patients often describe the feeling of having a spike behind their eyes.
Palpation of the cranial muscles is sometimes painful.
Palpation of the cervical muscles also find painful points with most of the time very sensitive areas at the base of the skull in its rear part (area of ​​attachment of the cervical muscles).
These headaches can be modified by patient activity. For example disappearance during weekends or holidays.

The diagnosis between mild migraine without aura and tension headache can be difficult, as well as between chronic tension headache and chronic migraine.

An interesting approach is described in pain related to myofascial syndrome of the muscles of the head and neck

Post operative chronic pain