The postero-median muscle chain (PM)

Composition of the postero-median muscle chain:

The postero-median muscle chain (PM)

The main part consists of the head and trunk muscles, from top to bottom:

Tensed musculo-aponeurotic structures from the occiput to the orbital region.
-Semispinatus, longissimus of the head.
-Thoracic and lumbar longissimus, thoracic and lumbar iliocostals.
-Epispinatus muscles. (multifidial, thoracic semispinatus). (multifidial, thoracic semispinatus)

  • At the level of the upper limb:

-The main chain extends towards the upper limb through the vertebral portion of the latissimus dorsi and the lower trapezius.
-Infraspinatus and teres minor.
– Posterior deltoid.
-Brachial triceps (long portion) and aponeurotic expansion on the epitrochlea.
– Finger flexors.
– Round and square pronator.

  • At the level of the lower limb:

-Through the lumbar aponeurosis and the greater and lesser sacrospinous ligaments, the trunk chain passes through the gluteus maximus muscle to reach the lower limb.
– Semi-tendinous and Semi-membranous (internal hamstrings).
Soleus and flexors of the toes.
– Short flexor of the toes, square plantar and plantar aponeurosis.

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