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The supraspinatus or supraspinatus muscle attaches medially to the inside of the top of the scapula and laterally to the greater tuberosity of the humeral head (shoulder). (anatomyWikipédia)
Supraspinatus Muscle Anatomy

Myofascial supraspinatus muscle syndrome

The main symptom of myofascial syndrome in this muscle is referred (or referred) pain:

  • Patients may complain of loss of mobility in the shoulder. Difficulty doing their hair, brushing their teeth if the dominant member is affected.
  • Some patients complain of clicking sounds in the shoulder.
  • The painful areas include the lateral part of the shoulder with an irradiation on the side of the arm which can go down to the wrist (red zone).

Myofascial supraspinatus syndrome

Douleur chronique par syndrome myofascial du muscle supra-épineux
Myofascial supraspinatus syndrome

Myofascial supraspinatus syndrome

The clinical examination finds painful contracted areas in the supraspinatus muscle (yellow area).

On clinical examination, pressure in these areas can reproduce pain referred to the arm.

This syndrome develops mainly during the raising movements of the arm above the level of the shoulder,
and sometimes, during prolonged or repeated carrying of a suitcase or a computer with the arm hanging on the side.

In the GDS global muscle chain methodology, the supraspinatus muscle is part of the PL muscle chain.

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