Ischemic muscle compression MEDECIN ABONNE

Ischemic muscle compression is used in the treatment of myofascial syndromes.

It consists of exerting sustained pressure on the area of muscle contracture responsible for the myofascial syndrome.

To apply this technique, the responsible muscle is first stretched to the limit of discomfort. Then we apply the thumb to the responsible area in a sustained manner.
At the same time as the discomfort tends to decrease, the pressure is gradually increased, possibly with the help of the 2nd thumb. This pressure is maintained for 1 minute.

If the contracture persists, the technique can be repeated if possible after applying heat to the area.

This technique can be practiced by the patient himself, which allows it to be performed several times a day if necessary.

You can also use a tennis ball for muscles that are difficult to access for self-massage.

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