Canal syndromes

Root canal syndromes: definition

Nerve compression syndromes, called “ductal syndromes” (entrapment neuropathy in the English) are defined as the clinical translation of a conflict between a peripheral nerve trunk and a particular anatomical region of the course of this nerve where local conditions can be responsible for multiple microtraumas leading to inflammatory and irritative phenomena. Most remain idiopathic, but there are traumatic, occupational or endocrine contributing factors (pregnancy for example). They predominate in the upper limb, probably due to greater mobility. While there are common syndromes, some remain rare, exceptional, or even unknown.

Root canal syndromes in the upper limbs

Root canal syndromes in the lower limbs

  • External popliteal sciatic nerve syndrome at the neck of the fibula (subscribers and doctor subscription)
  • Meralgia paresthetica syndrome (subscribers and doctor subscription)
  • Howship-Romberg syndrome, obturator nerve (on doctor’s subscription)
  • Tarsal tunnel syndrome

Canal syndromes outside the limbs

Post operative chronic pain